The Best Travel Conferences for Women in 2022

Attending conferences is one of the best ways to shake yourself out of a professional development rut and up-level your personal brand. Here are my top 10 picks for travel, professional development, and creativity conferences all women should attend in 2022.

How to Design Your Home Office Space: My Essentials List

As someone who constantly juggles a full-time job, running a business, and maintaining this blog, I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to create a little area in your home that is entirely devoted to getting things done. Read on for tips on how to design a home office space that will keep you inspired.

18 Careers That Allow You To Work Remote

If you’ve been thinking about transitioning towards a more flexible career, here are 18 career ideas that will allow you to work remote. Plus, you’ll hear from 25 women from all over the world already holding remote and/or semi-remote positions who share their experiences, advice, and pay so you can evaluate your options!

Travel Shaming in the Workplace (and Beyond): What It Is and Why It Needs to Stop

Travel shaming in the workplace and in our everyday lives can seem harmless, but might have serious implications you aren’t seeing. Because it’s unfortunately so easy to travel shame, and so cringe-worthy to hear it directed at you, I wanted to share exactly what it is and why it’s important to be aware of the things that we say.

How to Travel More With a Full-Time Job: 13 Actionable Tips

In one year of travel, in one year of going on 15 trips on top of a Monday-through-Friday job, here are some of my biggest takeaways, learnings, and tips that you can start implementing right NOW to make this year, next year, and the next one after that your BIGGEST year of adventure yet.

Note to Self: It’s Okay to Relax

These days, we’ve started to equate being busy with being significant. I have never seen this mindset more blatantly apparent than in Los Angeles, where everyone seems to be a writer-photographer-musician-actor who also works in a law office or delivers DoorDash during the day. Work is great, and having multiple things going for you is never a bad thing. But being overworked is potentially devastating.