What to Do in Reykjavik: The Ultimate City Guide

Just being in downtown Reykjavik on a cloudy, rainy morning, sipping a warm kaffi with some bread and jam will make you feel, all at once, like you belonged here all your life. Read on for what to do in Reykjavik!

18 Careers That Allow You To Work Remote

If you’ve been thinking about transitioning towards a more flexible career, here are 18 career ideas that will allow you to work remote. Plus, you’ll hear from 25 women from all over the world already holding remote and/or semi-remote positions who share their experiences, advice, and pay so you can evaluate your options!

5 Workout Ideas That Can Be Done At Home or On the Road

While vacation trips have their place, and enjoying relaxing time at home is essential, it’s so important to be vigilant about bouncing back after taking a break from your workout routine. Here are 5 workout ideas you can try from anywhere, whether you’re at home or on the road!

Adventure 101: How to Choose Functional and Stylish Outdoor Gear

Now, everything from online marketplaces to physical retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods seem to be carrying a bigger-than-ever assortment of women’s performance gear at extremely affordable prices. So, if there was ever an ideal time to fall in love with the great outdoors as a woman, it’s now.

Note to Self: It’s Okay to Relax

These days, we’ve started to equate being busy with being significant. I have never seen this mindset more blatantly apparent than in Los Angeles, where everyone seems to be a writer-photographer-musician-actor who also works in a law office or delivers DoorDash during the day. Work is great, and having multiple things going for you is never a bad thing. But being overworked is potentially devastating.

It’s June Already? 5 Ways To Better Manage Your Time

6 months ago, we stood at the edge of the end of the year, leaning forward with big eyes and big dreams, wondering about all the things the new year would bring. Flash-forward to today. It’s June. How much have you done?